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The boss won’t heed your advice? 3 ways to get your ideas heard.

Problem: You know your fundraising plans are bang on, but are faced with a management team that resists your ideas.  This is a pickle in every industry, but can be a real challenge in the fundraising field. Part of the … Continue reading

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A User’s Guide to Donor Recognition Levels

There are two issues at play here. First, do donors really care about our recognition names/levels/circles/clubs? Does this recognition drive loyalty and gift size? And second, what can the charity actually offer for each level so that it isn’t just … Continue reading


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Game Face: Non-verbal Cues and the Art of Fundraising

It was in the middle of a hair-raising meeting at United Way – we were within reach of our campaign goal that year, but had hit a couple of snags and were deciding how to cope – when I glanced … Continue reading

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