Of course I would love to help your group with fundraising!

Here’s a short list of how and what:

  • Hiring a fundraiser, finding a job. Please visit us at Gerard Search
  • Fundraising plans. Don’t race out and hire your first fundraiser without a plan in place. I will work with you to figure out the best way for your organization to start fundraising.
  • Writing those pesky grant applications. Let me help you, from the initial approach to the final copy of your proposal. 
  • Board engagement. I have a great workshop on taking the fear out of fundraising for your board. Let’s de-mystify it and give the board tools for sharing their enthusiasm with prospects.
  • Major gifts. I can help you establish major gifts fundraising at your organization; train staff and volunteers how to make a painless ask; put some zip into your case for support; and help you create a campaign plan.
  • Raiser’s Edge. Is it installed but under-used? Bring me in for tips and training on how to get the most out of this system with the least pain.
  • Special events. I can help you identify the right kind of event for your organization, or find ways to increase the ROI of your current one.


Please give me a shout for a free consultation.


“Siobhan has a natural talent for making things simple. Numbers. Complicated plans. Strategies. With great ease, she helped me navigate through our database and a sea of analytics. Using this information, Siobhan worked with me one-on-one to create a personalized fundraising plan that was based on our needs and existing resources. This helped alleviate so much stress and anxiety!” – Lesley Fox, SPFBA

“Siobhan is a true pro. The advice and coaching she has given me on high donor development and ‘how to make an ask’ has been outstanding. It gave me the confidence I needed to land new major gifts.”  – Seth Klein, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives 

“The awesome news is…the funder emailed me this morning that we got the grant – all of it! Thank you so much. You were such a huge help and have set us up for future success now that we have a couple of good grant proposals to work from.” – Kasi Lubin, Zero Ceiling

“Thank you so much for presenting the workshop to the Board of Directors. I’m really excited and I think your workshop (and particularly the way you presented it) will really make a difference here at RainCity. As you may have gathered, this is a relatively new Board and they haven’t yet engaged in fundraising on any level. I think you have really provided the motivation they need.” – Fran Romer, Raincity Housing




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